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@jorenrui / October 17, 2022

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I am happy to announce that Sutle is now in beta featuring a new tech stack and design. It also includes new features such as branching out or forking a learning path, reordering path items, and a new profile page.

Sutle is the first side project I, jorenrui, made after college. With it, I experienced building and launching an app of my own that wasn't related to work or school. was my first domain and Sutle is the first app that I shared on Product Hunt. With all the memories I had with Sutle, I decided to make it a life-long personal project of mine. Wanting to continue it, I decided to rewrite the code with a new tech stack making me enjoy working on Sutle all the more. I also gave it a new look since I really wasn't satisfied with how I first designed it. For now, it's dark mode by default but planning on adding a light mode in the future.

Sutle Beta landing page
Landing page of the Sutle Beta version featuring a dark mode look and a new hat looking logo.
Sutle Alpha landing page
Landing page of the Sutle Alpha version which is in light mode and has the old two semi circle forming an 'S' logo.

Tech Stack: Switching to Rails

I decided to switch to the tech stack I am most comfortable and experienced with to make development smoother. Initially, Sutle was developed as a side project to learn TypeGraphQL and NodeJS. But that is the thing of the past, now I wanted to use a tech stack that would help me ship features faster. This led me to the decision of using my main tech stack which is Rails, NextJS, and TailwindCSS. Moreover, I decided to move from Heroku to Railway for deploying Sutle preferring a usage-based cost model.

In summary, the tech stack:

  • Rails - Ruby MVC framework.
  • PostgreSQL - object-relational database system.
  • ReactJS - JavaScript library for building user-interfaces.
  • NextJS - ReactJS framework.
  • TypeScript - JavaScript with syntax for types.
  • TailwindCSS - utility-first CSS framework.


Sutle now use the following services:

Logo Redesign

I decided to go full on for the redesign so I decided for Sutle to have a new logo.

Sutle Alpha Logo
Sutle Beta Logo
Alpha version logo on the left, and beta version logo on the right.

New Blog Site

Sutle now has a blog site which for now contains changelogs. It is built using MDX, NextJS, and TypeScript.

Profile Changes

The profile page has now been replaced with how the resources page previously looked. Containing bookmarks and created learning paths that can be filtered by tag or query.

Profile journeys has now been removed.

The ff has been updated in displaying user information:

  • Uses display name instead of first name and last name. Display name will either be your full name or a name you're comfortable to share with.
  • Users can choose to share a URL.
  • Users can choose to share a headline which is a short intro about them.
  • Users can choose to share a bio which is a bunch of text they want people to see/read when people visit their profile.
  • Users can't add social links anymore in this current update.
Sutle Beta profile page
The profile now looks like the resources page before. It also includes the learning paths and some overview about the user. Moreover, you can now filter resources and learning paths of a user using tags and search query.
Sutle Alpha profile page
Before, the profile page showcases the user's journey. Sadly, I've decided to remove it. Tho you can request for your data by emailing me at For alternatives, I advice using or for your user journey needs.
Sutle Alpha resources page
The resources page before, this is originally how I want user's page to look like. In here, you can only filter by only one tag and UI feels a little clunky.

Social and Feed Changes

Users can now follow fellow users and be updated of what they've bookmarked and paths they've created.

Sutle Beta profile page
You can follow users by going to their profile page and hitting that Follow button.

Moreover, instead of only showing user's saved resources and enrolled paths in their dashboard, it now shows a feed of users they're following or latest updates in the community. It also shows them suggested bookmarks they marked as read later and unfinished enrolled learning paths.

Sutle Beta feed page
The feed shows you a list of saved resources and created learning paths of the users you follow. Moreover, it features the resources you've saved for later.
Sutle Alpha feed page
How the feed looks on the alpha version. It's kinda meh, only showing saved resources and enrolled paths.

Bookmarks Changes

Bookmarks are now located under the profile page along with the learning paths. Users can now filter the bookmarks using multiple tags and query unlike before. Moreover, you can now “favorite” a bookmark.

Following are images of Sutle Beta:

Sutle Beta profile page
In the profile page, you can see that there's a resources section which you can filter by tags and search query.
Sutle Beta create bookmark page
Nothing much changed for the beta version of the create bookmark except the look.
Sutle Beta feed page
In the bookmark page, the notes are not autosaved. Tho I'm still in the process of improving the 'markdown' aspect of the notes.

Following are images of Sutle Alpha:

Sutle Alpha resources page
Same image of the resources page you've seen ealier, carry on.
Sutle Beta create bookmark page
The initial version of the create bookmark page wherein you can type in a URL, then it will auto-fill the title and description.
Sutle Beta bookmark page
The initial version of the bookmark page in which the notes has a view only mode toggle.

Learning Path Changes

The learning path page has undergone a huge update in which users can do the ff:

  • Re-order path items.
  • Link existing resources.
  • Branch out/fork from a learning path.
  • View upvotes of a learning path.
  • View branches of a learning path.

There are also features that have been removed/changed, the changes are:

  • Adding of makers in a path item has been removed.
  • Setting the resource type has been removed.
  • Modal popup when clicking a path item has been removed.
  • Can only delete the main path branch when there are multiple branches.
  • Adding path items has been limited to "15" for free users.
Sutle Beta Learning Path Page
The learning path page in which the users can now re-order path items and branch out/fork existing learning paths.
Sutle Alpha Learning Path Page
The alpha version of the learning path in which there's no reordering of path items yet and you can only see the no of upvotes.

The learning paths are now located under the profile page and there is a separate enrolled paths page:

Sutle Beta Enrolled Learning Path Page
In the beta version, the enrolled paths are now under its own page. Still thinking of how to properly layout the created, upvoted and enrolled learning paths.
Sutle Beta Profile Page
In the beta version, you can view the user's created learning paths under their profile page.
Sutle Alpha Learning Paths Page
In the alpha version, learning paths have their own page which includes the created, upvoted and enrolled learning paths.

Explore Page Changes

Added more ways to search for trending learning paths and resources. Moreover, users can now search for sources and users. In the future, will add in search resources and learning paths using tags and categories.

Sutle Beta Explore Page
The explore page has now been updated to have a trending and latest filters, and group by categories. In the future, will add a search query and tags filter.
Sutle Alpha Explore Page
In the alpha version, you can only explore learning paths and filter them by tags and search query. There is no search for users and resources yet.

Pro Plan

Users can now avail a Pro plan which enables the users to add unlimited path items to learning paths, and create private learning paths.

Currently, I'm focusing on adding more features to this plan such as resource collections, and a permanent library of resources.

Sutle Beta Billing Page
The billing page in which you can upgrade from Hobby to Pro plan. In here, I'm using Paddle for payments.

Next Steps

I got a ton of ideas for Sutle, but for now, I'm gonna focus on extending the Pro plan features, improving current features especially how we get metadata from a given URL, and adding a browser extension which can be used both by Hobby/Free and Pro plan users for the next version of Sutle. Feel free to give some feedback and report some bugs.

For those who have been with Sutle since the beginning, thank you and I appreciate you all for being a part of my journey. Cheers!

Checkout Sutle, my profile or learning paths I made: